Placing chips 10,000X faster,
handling chips 10X thinner/smaller

We live in a world of ubiquitous electronics. This increasingly requires thinner and more densely populated integrated circuit (IC) assemblies. Existing assembly methods are too slow and are limited to ICs that are thick and rigid. Uniqarta is commercializing breakthrough manufacturing processes that are up to ten thousand times faster than existing solutions and can accommodate ICs that are up to ten times thinner or smaller.

Uniqarta's Laser Enabled Advanced Placement (LEAP) technology replaces conventional pick-and-place assembly methods with an ultra-fast, massively parallel laser technique. Applicable to both ultra-thin and conventional-thickness ICs, this solution can achieve placement rates in excess of 100 million units per hour in high density applications.

Uniqarta’s FlexChip® technology solves the integration issues associated with ultra-thin ICs suing conventional pick-and-place equipment. It consists of tailored assembly processes that address all aspects of the problem encompassing thinning, dicing, placement and interconnection. FlexChip transforms commercial off-the-shelf dies or wafers into ultra-thin ICs placed and integrated into electronic systems.

These technologies give electronics manufacturers the means to build next-generation products never before possible. They will impact many applications such as displays, LED lighting, wearable electronics, internet-of-things, human interfaces, and healthcare enabling thinner, smaller and flexible form factors at reduced cost.